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  • HION DT30

  • Description:Call center Caller ID telephone dial pad with monaural headset

    Characteristic :

  • Equipped with noise canceling headset FOR630
  • 16 bit caller number display(DTMF & FSK signal, auto detecting)
  • 30 groups 16 bit incoming number search
  • 5 groups 16 bit outgoing number search
  • 2 bit PABX code
  • 5 bit calling region code filtering
  • Ringing and in use indicator
  • Headset volume button control
  • Flash time 100ms, 600ms optional
  • LCD full view display, contrast adjustable by 5 grades
  • Intelligent communication mute with lamp indication
  • Ringing tone volume adjustable, can be mute and switched to headphone
  • Half duplex hands-free communication( External power source required)
  • With waiting music, re-dial and call back
  • 3 groups 32 bit number one button save and call back
  • With RJ11 headset socket
  • Headset stand
DT30 Telephone with headset

DT30 Telephone with headset